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Friday, February 11, 2011

INDIAN - Poem by DILS Debojyoti Sinha

 - DILS Debojyoti Sinha -

(Published in N.E. SUN, March 26 - April 01, 1994)   
When I die do not get me buried
Burn me to ashes to make some tars.
With great shock I see
The rage, the anger, the frustration
The sense of deprivation
Spread on the highway like a zabra-cross
“We are not Indians”

What promoted them to say so?
Oh! the guardians of the Nation
Heal them or kill me!
And whin I die oh! my friends
Do not get me buried
Burn me to ashes to make some tars.

I’ll spread on your way to success
I’ll inspire you a brave fight
I’ll lick only the word ‘not’
To make you proudly proclaim
“We are Indians”
And when I die
Do not get me buried...



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