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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

INGAL ADHAR PALA - ইঙাল আাধার পালা : A Bishnupriya Manipuri Telefilm

        INGAL ADHAR PALA is the first Bishnupriya Manipuri telefilm produced and telecasted by Desh TV of Bangladesh in the year 2010. 

        The script of the story was written by Shuvasish Sinha, poet, writer, dramatist , critic and President of Manipuri Theatre of Bangladesh  and the film was directed by M. S Suman. Shuvasish Sinha in his script had brilliantly protrayed the dedicated life of a  drummer (known as 'dakula' ), a male artist who play and dance with Mridanga (double-headed drum) while drumming. Mridanga is the soul of traditional and classical Bishnupriya Manipuri Dance. The same act was also presented in the form of stage drama shows at Bangladesh which seemed more lively according to people's response. The duration of the telefilm is 42 minutes.

        The actors in the telefilm are : Krishnakumar Sinha, Gaurhari Chatterjee, Bibha Sinha, Afjal Hussain, Randhir Sinha, Bidhan Chandra Sinha, Shukla Sinha, Sajal Kanti Sinha, others and Sharmila Sinha as singer. The VCD of the telefilm is publicized by POURI PRODUCTION & MANIPURI THEATRE, Moulvibazar, Bangladesh.
Watch out the Video  at youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFOvdculNIM

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