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Saturday, February 12, 2011

LA BELLE - Poem by DILS Debojyoti Sinha

- DILS Debojyoti Sinha -

Gauhati- 20-8-81

All my hopes and wishes were paralysed;
To suck sweet honey from Shakespeare’s hive,
Or in Wordsworth’s Nature visualized.
And in Keats’ billet doux wanted to dive.

All went in vain; Her majesty’s shrewd talent
And Manmon’s blind tenants; savage utmost,
Crushing the Seat of Muse every moment;
Deep agony shrouded me; all spirits lost.

But, a day I found you - as if a myth;
Ivory hue, big eyes, large hearts, tone pleasant,
Expunged all my agony and brimmed with
A sweet feeling - heavenly contentment.

The living ray of hope ; Oh my La Belle,
Love me and live long with your magic spell.




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